Who am I?

Yoga means union: the idea of union and the experience is not the same.

Notice that the world is in you and is you!

There is no you as a separate self, yet there is nothing other than you as current experience!

"Once it is pointed out it is obvious that what is called your body and mind is simply Aware Beingness in distinct forms called seeing, touching, tasting, etc. and thinking. This clarity reveals that there is no body and nobody; there is no experiencer behind an experience like hearing, feeling, etc.; there is no thinker behind the thought - there is only experiencing." ~ James Traverse

"You are empty of a separate self and full as current experiencing" ~ James Traverse

"The entire practice of Being Yoga consists of establishing your stance as Awareness~Presence and the natural action that flowers out of it. This means relaxing out of the point of view of separation to source such that you rest as what you already are [this is generally called a shift yet the shift to source is not truly a shift; instead it is that there is no departure from the wholeness of viewing/awareness to a limited, separated, point of view]."


The Primary Aim of YOGA is to

The Main Concern of YOGA is

Self-knowledge is outside the measure of the thinking mind - it is full yet empty of preconceived ideas. It is experiential and as such it cannot be taught in the same manner as a language or science, yet it can be caught, realized. The aim to KNOW THYSELF [it is viewed as an aim from the perspective of separation] is accomplished by means of Samyana, Total Attention, on the misunderstanding of mistaking the Seer for the seen whereby seeing the misunderstanding and how it is formed is the ending of it; then your true nature, the Seer, is its own knowing as the KNOWING ITSELF.

It is its Own Knowing

The Seer is that which cannot be known and by which knowing is. It is the Present of Presence that is when the thinking mind's maya veil of thought is Absent of Absence.

There is Functioning

In Truth there is no 'You' yet we speak of 'You' and 'Me', name and form, because this works functionally.

Being Yoga

Yoga's greatest strength is its experiential nature -
it is a course of action wherein 'knowing as being' flowers

It is the ultimate reconciling of opposites as the unquestionable understanding that
Form is Emptyness and Emptyness is Form

"Who are you? Don't go by formulas. The answer is not in words. The nearest you can say in words is: I am what makes perception possible, the life beyond the experiencer and his experience." ~ Nisargadatta

Hello and Welcome,

It's no accident that the strongest muscle in your body is the heart. The yoga of being is self-evident when you see that the priceless treasures of health, happiness, freedom, and peace of mind are yours when you live them as a gift to others.

Without a doubt the single most valuable thing that I would like to share with you after some 30 plus years of continuos yoga practice and study is the understanding of Nonduality. This is challenging because Nonduality is Truth that is not based on book-learning or the thinking-mind which means that I cannot give it to you and it cannot be taught - yet it can be transmitted in a manner that makes it available to you. This is the reason that I'm a so called yoga teacher and this website is a complementary component of the process.

In this light it is my intention to share with you an experiential way of harmonious being that is simple and most effective. All the challenges and wonders of life continue to unfold yet for me there is an ease of being such that nothing is experienced as problematic. And, since this is true for an ordinary person like me, then it is available for you as well.

Peace Now ~ Love Always,
James Traverse

Being Yoga
Be Love ~ Be Loved

Being Yoga is Awareness in the nondual tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta. It asserts that Awareness as the 'seer' and its spontaneous authentic action is the realm of nonduality and that the 'thinking mind' is reaction and the realm of duality (said another way... Awareness, conscious energy, is your true nature - it acts... Awareness - it is self-evident that it is what it does).

The Crisis is a Crisis in Consciousness Open to the Unknown

“You did not come into this world, you came out of it.
You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.
You are not a stranger here.” ~ Alan Watts

Truth is never not the case -
It is what's happening Now.


What's Happening - the Truth:
Being is Seeing | Seeing is Doing

  1. Being is already happening. There is no 'you' as a 'doer', there is simply what's happening and You are That. You can never know 'what' you are through thinking, you can only know 'that' you are by being it - the Observer is the Observed (the Thinker is the Thought - Awareness as the 'seer' that sees this is your true nature - You are That).
  2. Being is uncaused. There is only functioning as Truth is expressed as what's happening in the timeless present. You are That.
  3. Being is innately intelligent - there is natural order. You are That.
  4. Being is whole. Nothing is separate. You are That - That is You.

What's Happening
- the Problem and Solution

  1. The problem is Mistaken Identity, learned ignorance, as what you think you are is not your true nature.
    You have learned to identify with appearances as your name and form, the Id-entity, which is a mentally generated creation based on thought, memories and experience. Your senses, your parents, teachers and society are all accomplices in causing you to believe that you are a separate entity.
  2. Mistaken identity as the wrong turning of the mind is the cause of all conflict and discord.
  3. The solution is the living understanding of Truth before and behind the 'thinking mind'. Awareness is the means and the end - Awareness is the Agent and the Actor.
  4. Being Yoga is Living Truth as steady attention and its simultaneous action.

Know Thyself

Be a Light unto Yourself

"Form is Seeing and Seeing is Being." ~ Atmananda Krishna Menon

"Being is Seeing and Seeing is Doing" ~ James Traverse

"Liberation is from the person, not for the person" ~ Jean Klein

Mistaken identity, the wrong turning of the mind, is the cause of all conflict and discord. The solution is the living understanding of your true nature which is not thought based knowledge as it is prior to thinking. Awareness is the means and the end.

There is nothing to become since Being Awareness is already happening yet there is a returning to innocence knowingly as the false mentally generated knowledge of mistaken identity is seen and allowed to fall away. This Living Awareness as your true nature is the light of understanding that dispels the darkness of ignorance that is the root of mistaken identity and separation.

Nonduality: the Method

Perceiving is prior to conceiving. Conceiving dissolves in perceiving.

Any activity of the thinking mind attempting to understand, describe, or label the true nature of being is the movement away from it.

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.
You must learn to see the world anew.” ~ Albert Einstein

The problem of mistaken identity is a problem of self-knowledge as false knowledge of your true nature. It is a mentally generated problem that is resolved by Awareness as the primal intelligence that sees the false as false and no longer supports it. In this way the impostor of mistaken identity dies through starvation - what remains is pure Awareness wherein all of your faculties are free to function without distortion.

Enlightenment is a matter of discernment, not evolution. Thus there is no becoming enlightened; instead the veil of ignorance falls away through discrimination and there is seeing in-the-light of your true nature.

Enlightened Being - Being is happening - Breathing is happening
the Agent is the Actor - Love is what it does!

"What nature makes you do instinctively you can optimise when you understand the law governing the process." ~ James Traverse

Breathing is Life ~ ~ Life is Breathing

Motion as Breathing is the energy of Life. Breathing is the expression and direct link to intelligence that is beyond human comprehension. It is self-evident that this intelligence sees and adjusts your breathing according to your health, your fitness, your age, your emotional situation etc., and it dynamically makes these adjustments in accord with the complex current environmental conditions etc. while you engage in activities like walking, running and resting. In this light, breathing awareness is the direct means of connecting with this intelligence and living it knowingly.

It is immensely significant to understand that all approaches to meditation acknowledge the power of being aware of breathing. It is equally significant to understand and acknowledge the power of turning Awareness back on itself (remain/stand as Awareness) and see that:

  1. awareness as the innate intelligence of your bodymind sees and regulates breathing even when you are not consciously attending to it [it is self-evident that something is aware of breathing and regulates it]
  2. whenever you attend to your breathing via attention you harmonize [are at one] with awareness as your innate intelligence - this is the yoga of conscious breathing and it is the model for all yoga approaches
  3. the process of being aware of your breathing is a kind of feedback loop wherein your innate intelligence as awareness is aware of its act of awareness of your breathing [in this way awareness is its own knowing]
  4. awareness of, seeing, your breathing always benefits your breathing, your body and mind [awareness is both the agent and the actor]

Being Yoga is a resonance with timeless being that flowers through the connections with your breath body, the energy body of motion (the motion-ocean), that animates and manifests as your timebound form (a wave). Being Yoga has four interrelated yoga practices that honour the yogas of Vedanta:

  1. Karma Yoga - the yoga of action
  2. Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of devotion
  3. Raja Yoga - the yoga of establishing the mind in stillness
  4. Jnana Yoga - the yoga of discrimination
    This website is an example of Jnana Yoga. Jnana Yoga is essential because its practice is the discrimination whereby you understand your true nature that naturally flowers as the other yogas of mental peace, devotion to Truth and action that is in accord with your true nature.

Being Yoga's forms are:

  1. Nisarga Yoga - Energy Body Yoga. This is yoga in the nondual and Kashmiri yoga tradition wherein archetypal yoga poses are explored without ever imposing them on your body; rather the appropriate pose is exposed by listening to and harmonizing with the innate intelligence of your energy body as it manifests via breathing and sensations [authentic yoga is about waking up to the ordinary].

  2. Yoga Nidra Yoga Meditation - a guided meditation process that approximates deep sleep to provide the rest and restorative benefits of deep sleep (and the delta brainwave state) and it is a means whereby the real knowledge of your true nature is available [wisdom is the experience; knowledge is acquired].

  3. Nonduality Satsangs - Nonduality is the English rendering of Advaita Vedanta. A means without; dvaita means duality; Veda means knowledge; ante means end. Satsang or Sat-Sangha means in the company of Truth. Nonduality Satsangs are experiential gatherings that honour Truth that includes and is not limited by the mental knowledge of the 'thinking mind'.

  4. Meditation - listening without a listener - the silence within silence as the listening itself that allows things to be as they are; meditation is the simple acknowledgment of here-now and returning after being distracted.

"This approach brings about an awakening of all virtual energies and enables them to fully enfold. These energies are then guided into a vertical course, which brings our whole structure to this verticality. This work generates a forefeeling of the truth. This path leads us to a meditative attitude. This meditative state, which is not a cerebral function, is a presence without objects, which is thereupon lived while objects are present." ~ Jean Klein

"I call 'consciousness' and 'awareness' one's true nature. It is the unseen seer, that which is appeared to. It is present as *presence* in the midst of objects, between objects, in the absence of objects and beyond objects. Deep sleep is a good example - it is the timeless, spaceless continuity of the 'I'. Deep sleep is defined as that period in which there are no objects, not even minutely subtle objects. But you don't have the experience that you are absent or that you stopped existing and started existing again upon waking. It is an objectless intuitive sense that you were present throughout. Afterwards, instead of saying you didn't exist then started up again, you say about deep sleep, 'Hmm, I slept happily.' Something is present to know this." ~ Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon

"Let divine passion triumph and rebirth you in yourself." ~ Rumi

"The name and form that you have been programmed to identify yourself with and as is not you. Name and form are instruments of Awareness. You are unthinkable; you are the unmoved mover - call it what you will - I feel that the best name for it is Love" ~ James Traverse

"Do you know that by which knowing all things are known?" ~ Chandogya Upanishad Part 6 Chapter 1 Verse 2-6 wherein Uddalaka teaches his son, Swethakethu, the knowledge which if known, all things can be known [this knowledge is 'knowing as being' in nature or 'Tat Tvam Asi - That Thou Art '~ James Traverse].

“In all our getting, we should get understanding.” ~ Solomon

"You know that you are. Don't burden yourself with names, just be. Any name or shape you give yourself obscures your real nature. " ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"Work leads to purification of the mind, not to perception of Truth. The realisation of Truth is brought about by discrimination." ~ Adi Shankaracharya

James Traverse

Awareness is Active as
Awareness is Aware

Love - it is what it does!
Love - it's experiential!

"Only the light of the Heart exists

and it is the agent in creative activity. Its activity, resting in itself, is self-consciousness and when it moves it is the unfoldment of the universe."

~ Mah‚rthamanjarÓ
by Maheshvar ‚nanda - Kashmir

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Samkhya and Yoga agree on the following:

          • The purpose of existence is to realise moksha, release or liberation.

          • This means release from the obscurations caused by mind stuff and sense objects.

          • When we can both see through, and, see the fog created by the mind and by the senses via insight, then it is possible to experientially understand our True Self in all its pristine purity (Awareness sees through the mind - not with the mind).

          • When this happens the world and all our activities appear as appearances without permanency.

          • Although we continue to live and act, we are no longer involved in it as we were formerly.

          • We are detached because we now understand it via being yoga ~ living understanding.

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