Omkar-OM as Nondual

The Aim of Yoga

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What is the main concern of Yoga – What is its aim?

The Yoga practice that is most popular today is physical yet the true aim, or purpose, of yoga is not physically based.

The true aim of yoga is the experiential understanding of the true nature of being, which is identity-less. It is the understanding of Nonduality and the practice is Nondual Yoga.

The physical activity of yoga posture practice is undertaken as one of the limbs of living realization of the main aim of yoga and its role is twofold. Firstly the posture practice benefits the health and well-being of the body such that the mind does not have to be concerned about physical disease or disorder. Secondly the posture practice is explored via feeling rather than thinking, which allows the thinking mind to be silent and this in turn provides a glimpse of the true purpose and nondual nature of yoga.

The true aim of yoga is to know thyself. And this knowing is not a construct, or goal, of the thinking mind. Instead it is knowing that knows itself by being it. In this light the physical and all other practices of yoga find their correct place

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